SeaPort & Landing™

Protect the Environment and Your Investment

The SeaPort®/Landing® Air-Assist Series from HydroHoist® makes the docking and launching sequences a breeze. It features a patented air-lift design that lifts your craft completely out of the water.

Unlike other available boat lifts, the SeaPort®/Landing® Air-Assist Series is completely solar powered eliminating the need for electricity or remote controls. The design is also sustainably “green” in that it contains no environmental hazards such as hydraulic fluid, oil, grease, or zinc.

*Standard Installation & Controls*

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Standard Features

  • Easiest boatlift to install and operate
  • Environmentally “green” design eliminates hazards such as hydraulic fluid, oils, greases or zincs
  • Unsinkable, foam-filled non-skid deck
  • Floats with tide or water level changes
  • Tail extensions with multiple, replaceable bunk sizes
  • Side and front mount
  • Solar-hybrid system
  • 110V power supply available (optional)

Available Models

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Installation Guides

SeaPort & Landing Installation Guide


Operational Instructions

SeaPort & Landing Operational Instructions