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UltraLift 2

About the UL2

The Ultra Lift 2™ is the latest in the ultra–successful line of boat-lifting products. Our boat lifts are manufactured with polyethylene tanks designed specifically for the marine environment —modeled, molded and shaped for seamless efficiency and safety.

Another unique feature is the patented UltraGrip™ tank connection, which enables the Ultra Lift 2™ to be installed with all steel parts above the water. This innovation protects your boat lift against rust and marine growth for years of -convenient and carefree storage.

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Available Models:

UL2 4400-8800 boat lift


Our most popular model built to resist impact and low water damage.

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Flexing when stressed, the tanks then return unharmed to their original shape.

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Shallow Water

Shallow water dock? No problem, this lift operates in as little as 3 feet of water.

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Front Mount

Great for personal watercraft , fishing skiffs or double-sized and L-Shape moorings.

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